Reach & Impact

The Sports Diplomacy Division works in all regions of the world on people-to-people sports exchanges. Since 2018, more than 800 youth athletes, coaches, and administrators across twelve different sports have traveled to the United States to participate in the Sports Visitor Program. Click on the map below to learn more about Sports Visitor exchanges in the United States.

  • Sports Visitor participants 873
  • Participating countries 68
  • Cities visited 41
  • Sports represented 12

Key Outcomes

Facts and figures below are based on a 2020 U.S Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs evaluation of the Sports Visitor Program. For more information, you can review a two-page overview of the evaluation here or the full evaluation here.

99% of program participants reported that their expectations were either met or exceeded in gaining confidence in their ability to be a leader and agent of positive change in my community. After the program, 73% of participants viewed the American people as “extremely positive,” compared to just 35% before the program. (An increase of 38%). Participants’ knowledge of U.S. Values and Culture increased from a 6.3/10 before the program to a 9.0/10 after the program. (An increase of 27%). 94% of participants gained higher levels of responsibility or leadership in their profession after the program. 100% of participants introduced new ideas and knowledge to their communities after the programs.

What participants are saying

The program changed my life path. I now want to continue working with girls. I want to do what I can to help them, to reach their potential. I want to make networks with people, especially women so I can help lead them down a good path. Sports Visitor Participant, Nepal
I was shy before but not after. I learned to stand up for what I believe in. It challenged me, being in this program, living with a host family. I really had to do so many new things and that gave me more confidence in myself. Sports Visitor Participant, Haiti