Policy Priorities

While each Sports Visitor exchange is uniquely customized to meet foreign policy goals and U.S. embassy and consulate priorities, there are several embedded priorities that serve as the foundation for all Sports Visitor programs:

Empowering Women and Girls

Translating U.S. leadership, exemplified by Title IX legislation, to level the playing field for women and girls to play sports and increase gender equity on and off-the-field.

Soccer and Women’s Empowerment, Soccer, Youth Program, 2019

Promoting Inclusion and Disability Rights

Sharing the lessons of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to increase opportunities for people with disabilities in sports.

Wheelchair Basketball, Disability Rights, and Inclusion, Wheelchair Basketball, Youth Program, 2019

Supporting Positive Youth Development

Supporting the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth of youth and training their coaches in positive and trauma-informed coaching methodologies.

Soccer and English as a Second Language, Soccer, Youth Program, 2019

Strengthening Cross-Cultural Connections

Facilitating dialogue among Americans and international audiences to share knowledge, ideas, and cultures on and off-the-field.

Coaches for Strong Communities in West Java Reverse Exchange, Soccer, Coaches Program, 2019